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You have a new organ

It’s hard to believe but we have a new organ the Mesentery. Previously thought to be fragments of tissue now Western Medicine has realized it’s an organ.

The fascinating part is, in Chinese Medicine (CM) it has always been there. We call it the “San Jiao” or “Triple Warmer” aka TW. I have always wondered about the TW as there was no actual organ in western med, many of us thought it was a mistake on the part of CM, but here we are realizing they where correct. They figured that out 2000+ years ago!

A year or so ago, western med realized the lymph system actually did enter into the skull area. Until then they assured us it did not.

Next time you go to your GP and they say “this is the absolute truth” please gently remind them their medicine is changing all the time.

The implications for this “new” organ for digestive, IBS, Chrons, Collitis problems is huge. I am interested to see the research they produce on it, in the coming years.

In the 20 years I have been in the health field I have seen lots of “amazing discovery’s” but the lymph in the skull and now a new organ is really the most shocking.

It shows that no one has all the answers for health, as everyone is learning about the human body all the time. It is important to remember that when you or a loved one gets bad health news. The person telling you/them actually does not know everything about which they speak and of course, neither do I.

You can see a short vid on this here
You can read the Lancet journal article here
You can read about the lymph discovery here

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Ward Willison
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Stuart McGill

I got to spend three days with likely the top low back guy in the world. It was amazing all the photos he has working on every type of top level athlete in the world and with 80 year olds and people injured on the job.

His last day of work as a Professor is Tuesday and I am sure they will not be able to fill his spot. For all the years I have spent in researching spines I have not come across anyone close to where he is working from.

Interestingly what he recommend and suggests is not all that hard to do. Keeping you back safe, rehabilitating many back problems seems fairly simple when he says it.

I think he’s going to focus on private practice and writing more books and do more courses. Likely have some more fun as well. You may never have heard of Dr Stuart McGill but I guarantee his work has touch all of us. From back safety to crazy advanced training for the worlds strongest men.

He showed us part of the routine he made for GSP. They took a fit guy from the class and he lasted about 25 seconds of standing still while twirling a 4# weight on a rope around his head. GSP does it for 5 min, 1 min rest and repeat that 5x’s. It’s really amazing.

It was my second time taking his course, I have read all his books as well and I see the differences in clients. I hope this re-immersion in McGill techniques can help a few more of you as well.

You can see his stuff and several video’s at, or just google his name and there are a few thousand vid’s.

Be Well,
Ward Willison
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A discovery that changes medical textbooks

Recently I got a research paper that said there is a lymph system in the brain. I did not know that was a big deal. For years I have seen lymph drawings of the body and there where no pathways drawn on the head. I thought that was just for looks, but no, all this time western medicine said there was NO lymph system in the brain.

So some scientists recently found it. Click here to read the article.

It’s a big deal as so many degenerative brain diseases will have to be looked at very differently now.

It really is a wonder with the millions of autopsies done and all the images of heads, no one has found it before. They have built protocols and procedures around the thinking that there is no lymph in the head and it all made perfect sense all over the world for decades. But it was all made up to fit the model they had.

How many other things about the body do we have completely wrong? It’s a very scary thing. Humans are excellent at making theory’s, or things they say are totally true and finding study’s and research to prove them correct. I wonder how long it will be before your GP is aware of this study and it’s implications in Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries…

I have seen several of these “amazing discovery’s” in my 15+ years in Acupuncture. While true that western medicine has many more things correct than wrong. It is important to keep in mind the person that said there was lymph in the head a year ago, without this study and proof, would have been burned at the stake. How many others are saying things today that will be proven correct in time.

The old picture and the new, the difference has staggering implications to patient care, university teaching, and I think to how we “proved” something that was wrong for decades.


From the study:
In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.

Be Well,
Ward Willison
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Premature Death and what we can do about it.

40% of premature death is caused by “behavioral patterns”. I was reading a study from University California, San Francisco and they where looking at early death.

It is an amazing factor that 40% of people that die young are driving themselves to that party by their daily choices. Now I am fairly sure they do not look at it like that but the science does.

A big part of that number is obesity and smoking, it’s a US study. But even in Canada the number of obese people is going up. Smoking numbers are going down but it needs to go lower.

What to do? Well every year or so pick an area of your life and make it healthier. Read somethings, ask some people, try some things and see what happens. Make it simple, make it repeatable and find ways to enjoy it and make it part of your routine.

I have said before, this year I am eating more fruit a day, my goal by the end of the year is to have 4 pieces of fruit 5 days a week. So far so good. I found that if I blend them up in the morning and drink it at work it gets done 17 days out of 20 so far. Not perfect but I have a few months left to tweak my system.

The thing I know from work it once a persons behavioral patterns have caused a problem they are normally difficult to change in a short time and sometimes that’s not fast enough.

Be Well,
Ward Willison
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reference article is here